The Commons Brandmark

The Commons is a creative work and think space and the home to entrepreneurs, businesses and curious minds.  We believe that good things happen when you surround yourself with like-minded individuals so we pride ourselves in curating a diverse community.

We take care of the essentials and provide you with resources so you can focus on your ideas.

Benefits Include

Insanely Fast Internet Insanely Fast Internet (500/500)

24 Hr Access 24 Hr Access

BeerBeer & Cider


Conference rooms with the latest technology Conference rooms with the latest technology

Life at The Commons

Taking care of business

Taking care of Business

Setting up the internet. Paying utility bills. Cleaning the toilets. These are some of the daily stresses associated with owning your own business and running an office. For many, this is what taking care of business looks like. But for almost everyone, this is also a total headache.

The Commons eliminates the need for small businesses to manage these tasks, so they can spend more time creating and growing.

We’ll take care of this business. You take care of yours.

Space to Work

A space to work

Community and collaboration between businesses will always be encouraged within the walls of The Commons, but there’s something even more important at hand: Getting things done.

We understand that each individual and business has their own work style, so we’ve created spaces that provide them the option of keeping their heads down or their doors open.

In both senses of the phrase, we give them the space to work.

Room to Grow

Room to grow

We understand small businesses need flexibility with growth and that it’s almost impossible to predict how fast and how much space will be needed within the first few years. At The Commons, we can offer promising businesses the room and support they need to grow.


An eco-system designed for a healthy work/life style

We’ll come out and say it: our building is more beautiful than any other co- working space in Melbourne. While other spaces may also have the free coffee, the beer on tap, the arcade games, and the ultra-fast internet, we have a living garden in at the centre of our building, and an indoor park in the rear.

Why do we go the extra mile to make our buildings beautiful places to be? Because if your work is your livelihood — if you live and breathe what you do — you want to make sure you love the environment you’re living in.

The Right People

The right people

So we’re selective rather than all-inclusive, because our vision thrives when we put the right people together. Magic happens when you put like minded progressive thinkers and businesses under the one roof.

Product of our environment

Product of your environment

When our members are able to be productive and get things done, a powerful cycle begins. When businesses see others succeed, they’re driven to achieve more than before. When they see others working hard, it encourages them to drop the ping pong paddle and get to work too.

Working at The Commons puts businesses in a beautiful environment that allows them to grow, thrive, and be inspired.