Socially Responsible

Community is central to our mission and we know that our community extends past our doors. For this reason, we offer multiple membership scholarships within our spaces and have plans to widen our reach as we grow.

Our Impact

This financial year alone, The Commons sponsored more than 32 scholarships across Sydney and Melbourne. Some of our current scholarship members include The Global Women’s Project, Mi Vote, One Plate, and Co Ground.

As The Commons expands, so does our scholarship program. Soon, it will extend to include five locations in Melbourne and Sydney.

Since its inception, The Commons Scholarship Program has contributed over $170,000 to organisations committed to changing the world.

Our Scholarship Members

The Global Women’s Project

The Global Women’s Project is supporting women in Nepal and Cambodia to access the skills and resources they need to determine and improve their own lives.

They have provided support for more than 2500 women.

These women have accessed information and business resources, developed their skills and joined their Women’s Hub resource centres.

Apply for a Scholarship

Scholarship memberships provide you with the space and resources required for the everyday running of your business. More importantly, the community that you will become a part of at The Commons will support your growth so that every day you're one step closer to implementing the change you want to see in the world.

To apply for our scholarship program, please fill in the application form and tell us about your business and what you hope to achieve.

Please note: In order to be eligible, your business needs to be a registered Not For Profit or a Social Enterprise.

Environmentally conscious

Sustainability and environmental consciousness are key values of The Commons. Our locations are now working towards carbon neutrality and are offset by 100% renewable energy. We give our members easy options to make sustainable decisions in their daily lives by providing educational content, reusable containers, encouraging alternative modes of transportation and keeping recycling bins accessible in all our spaces.

Our Progress